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Contribution to national health and the pharmaceutical industry

The primary aim of the College of Pharmacy is to train specialists who not only study and use pharmaceutical theories and practices but also have utmost ethical standards and a spirit of service to the society. With the advent of the wellness trend, the college has shifted the curriculum from provider-oriented to consumer-oriented education. All of the graduates will be able to meet the needs of the national and local community in the field.

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Pharmacy deals with the theories and practices related to the development, production and application of medical products for the cure and prevention of disease. The Department of Pharmacy aims at providing specialists, who can apply pharmaceutical theories and practices to the use and development of medicinal products. Graduates will find opportunities as pharmacists that provide medicinal products and services for patients, and as professional pharmacists in public health-related institutes. Also, employment as industry pharmacists will be found in pharmaceutical companies that develop, manufacture and distribute drugs. Major courses of the Department of Pharmacy include clinical pharmacy, hygienic pharmacy, pharmacology, clinical biochemistry, medicinal chemistry, theoretical pharmacy, antibiotics, pharmaceutical microbial chemistry, pharmacotherapeutics, analysis in pharmacy, pathophysiology, herbal drug, etc.

Career Opportunities

The employment rate is close to 100%. Graduates may work as pharmacists(in pharmacies and hospitals) or find jobs at pharmaceutical companies (R & D, manufacturing, quality management, etc), national laboratories, and the public health office.

[Jong Seong Kang]
  • Title : Professor
  • Teaching : Pharmaceutical analysis, Pharmaceutical quality science, Statistics for pharmaceutical sciences
  • Research : Establishment of platform for new drug development
    • Standardization of natural products
    • Fingerprint analysis of herbal drugs
    • Chiral analysis of pharmaceuticals
    • Metabolic fate of herbal and chiral drugs
    • Process analytical technology for drug development
  • Phone : +82 42-821-5928
  • E-mail :
[Sang Kyum Kim]
  • Title : Professor
  • Teaching :Preventive pharmacy, Hygienic pharmacy, Toxicology, Mechanistic toxicology, Drug metabolism
  • Research :Toxicology
    • Drug Metabolism in Drug Discovery
    • Mechanism of chemical-induced liver injury
    • Oxidative stress versus antioxidant activity
    • Sulfur amino acid metabolism in chronic diseases
  • Phone :+82 42-821-5930
  • E-mail
[Hyung Min Kim]
  • Title : Assistant Professor
  • Teaching :Pharmaceutical Analysis, Drug Manufacturing and Quality Control, Instrumental Analysis
  • Research :Analytical Chemistry
    • Multi-omics study to elucidate biological response
    • Mass spectrometry-based biomarker discovery
    • Analytical Method Development for emerging toxicant
    • Standardization of Natural Products
  • Phone :+82 42-821-5933
  • E-mail
[Min-Kyun Na]
  • Title :Professor
  • Teaching :Pharmacognosy I and II, Pharmaceutical Oriental Medi-cine, Natural Medicine
  • Research :Discovery of bioactive compounds and drug leads from natural products
    • Evidence- and rational-based isolation of bioactive metabolites from natural products (plants, microorga-nisms, and marine natural products)
    • Structure determination of natural compounds using spectroscopic methods
    • Biological evaluation and lead discovery in cancer, inflammation, cardiovascular disease, and metabolic syndrome (collaboration with KRIBB, KNU, U. of Mississippi, etc.)
    • Quantitative analysis and standardization of natural products
  • Phone :+82 42-821-5925
  • E-mail
[Chang-Seon Myung]
  • Title : Professor
  • Teaching :Pharmacology I & II, Regulations for Medical Care & Public Health, Drug Abuse
  • Research :G protein-coupled receptors & metabolic disease project
    • Therapeutic verification for short-chain fatty acid receptors to improve insulin sensitivity
    • Molecular basis for GPR41 & GPR43 in glucose transport Atherosclerosis project
    • Discovery of bioactive materials with dual ability to inhibit vascular smooth muscle cell proliferation/migra-tion and antiplatelet activity
    • Pharmacologic role of CIAPIN1 in the regulation of atherosclerosis
  • Phone :+82 42-821-5923
  • E-mail
[Jeong-Sook Park]
  • Title : Professor
  • Teaching :Physical Pharmacy, Drug Delivery System
  • Research :Development of Nano-based Delivery System for Drug and Gene
    • Physicochemical Characterization of Solid State Drug
    • Preformulation and Solubilization of Poorly soluble drug
    • Method Validation of HPLC and Determination of Drug in Biological Fluids
  • Phone :+82 42-821-5932
  • E-mail
[Gyu-Yong Song]
  • Title : Professor
  • Teaching :Medicinal Chemistry, Synthetic Pharmaceutical Chemis-try, Inorganic and Nuclear Pharmacy
  • Research :Drug discovery and chemical biology
    • Synthesis of (+)-decursin analogues for anti-cancer and anti-aging agents
    • Synthesis of flavone and carbazole analogues for treating cardiovascular disease
    • Development of small molecule inhibitors of Wnt/ß-catenin pathway as anti-cancer agents
    • Chemical biology for new drug targets in cancer, aging, and platelet aggregation
  • Phone :+82 42-821-5926
  • E-mail
[Young G. Shin]
  • Title : Professor
  • Teaching :Pharmacotherapy I and III (Oncology, CNS)
    • Introduction of drug discovery and development
    • Clinical drug development and GCP process
    • Advanced lead optimization and IND
    • Advanced Antibody-Drug Conjugates I and II
  • Research :Innovative strategy to maximize success of drug candi-dates at the lead optimization stage, IND and beyond
    • Human PK/metabolism prediction using in silico, in vitro and in vivo models
    • Innovative clinical drug development using accelerator mass spectrometry and 14C-nano tracer
    • Development of novel PK/metabolism platform for the ADME/PK evaluation of antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) and small molecule candidates
    • Development of fit-for-purpose strategies for lead optimization/clinical development drugs based on global regulatory guidelines from US FDA, EMA and ICH
  • Phone :+82 42-821-5931
  • E-mail
[Jaehoon Sim]
  • Title : Assistant Professor
  • Teaching :Medicinal Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Spectroscopy
  • Research :Developing and harnessing organic chemistry to discover new drug candidates and study biomolecular functions
    • Development of Synthetic Method
    • Natural Product Synthesis
    • Medicinal Chemistry
    • Chemical Biology
  • Phone :+82 42-821-5938
  • E-mail
[Bo Ram Yang]
  • Title : Assistant Professor
  • Teaching :Social pharmacy, pharmacoepidemiology
  • Research :Pharmacoepidemiology
    • Drug-utilization review
    • Effectiveness and safety of drug
    • Adherence and persistency
    • Pharmacovigilance
    • Real-world evidence
    • Case-only design
  • Phone :+82 42-821-5939
  • E-mail
[Sun-Hee Woo]
  • Title : Professor
  • Teaching :Human Anatomy and Physiology, Pathophysiology
  • Research
    • Cardiac local Ca2+ signaling (Ca2+ spark, Ca2+ wave) - Ca2+ channels/Na+
    • Ca2+ exchanger
    • Atrial Arrhythmias
    • Discovery of antiarrhythmic/anti-HF drug target - Development of nano-imaging technique
  • Phone :+82 42-821-5924
  • E-mail
[Hwi-yeol Yun]
  • Title : Associate Professor
  • Teaching :Pathophysiology, Pharmacotherapy
  • Research :Pharmacometrics
    • Dose individualization in transplantation
    • Clinical PK/PD modelling & simulation
    • Clinical trial simulations
    • Translational research between preclinical and clinical studies
  • Phone :+82 42-821-5941
  • E-mail
[Seung Jin Lee]
  • Title : Associate Professor
  • Teaching :Pharmaceutical biochemistry, pharmacotherapy, Advanced Translational Oncology
  • Research :Translational cancer research
    • Tumor heterogeneity in metabolism
    • Biomarkers for Anti-cancer Agents
    • Functional imaging by PET or optical probes
  • Phone :+82 42-821-5940
  • E-mail
[Jae young Lee]
  • Title : Assistant Professor
  • Teaching :Pharmaceutics/Practices in pharmaceutics, Process Validation, Pharmacopeia, Formulation design
  • Research :Pharmaceutics
    • Design, manufacture and evaluation of dosage forms
    • Design and development of novel materials for pharmaceutical excipients
    • Pharmaceutical analysis using HPLC system
    • Preformulation of new drug candidates
  • Phone :+82 42-821-5935
  • E-mail
[Gil-Saeng Jeong]
  • Title : Associate Professor
  • Teaching :Pharmacognosy/Natural products/Oriental medicines
  • Research
    • Searching for natural products using Integrative Database Analysis(IDA) analysis
    • Evaluation of the biological activity of natural products
    • Standardization of biologically active constituents derived from natural products
    • Alternative animal tests using natural products for beauty & cosmetic sciences
  • Phone :+82 42-821-5937
  • E-mail
[Hye Gwang Jeong]
  • Title : Professor
  • Teaching : Preventive Pharmacy & Public Health, Toxicology, Health Functional Food
  • Research : Identification and Characterization of Anti-Inflammatory and Chemopreventive Agents
    • Identification and action-mechanisms of anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory natural compounds
    • Action-mechanisms of endocrine disruptors in carci-nogenesis
    • Biological functions of metallothionein in cell damages
    • Drug metabolism study (Phase I: CYP1A,1B,19, 3A4. Phase II)
  • Phone : +82 42-821-5936
  • E-mail :
[Cheong-Weon Cho]
  • Title : Professor
  • Teaching : Pharmaceutics/Manufacturing pharmacokinetics, Pharmacopeia
  • Research : Studies on increasing the bioavailability Preformulation and smart formulation study
    • Development on drug delivery system
    • Transdermal delivery systems using microneedle
  • Phone : +82 42-821-5934
  • E-mail :
[Jung Woo Chae]
  • Title : Assistant Professor
  • Teaching :Pharmacotherapy, Biological Statistixs, Medical Diagnosis and Pharmacotherapy, Population Pharmacokinetics, Patient Evaluation and Medication Therapy Management
  • Research : Clinical PK/PD modeling & simulation
    • Pharmacometrics
    • Translational research between preclinical and clinical studies
    • Oncology
    • Cancer supportive care
  • Phone : +82 42-821-5929
  • E-mail :
[Kyung-Sun Heo]
  • Title : Assistant Professor
  • Teaching : Clinical Pharmacology, Drug Abuse, Cardiovascular Pharmacology, Animal Pharmacology and Drugs
  • Research : Pharmacological role of PKCz in regulation of atherosclerosis
    • Discovery of regulatory targets for shear stress-induced protein post-trasnlational modification in atherosclerosis
    • Validation of cellular and molecular mechanisms of association between diabetes and atherosclerosis
    • Macrophage insuline resistance in atherosclerosis
  • Phone : +82 42-821-5927
  • E-mail :
[In kyu Hwang]
  • Title : Professor
  • Teaching : Biochemistry, Immunology, Methods in cell and molecular biology, Methods in chemical biology
  • Research : Immunopharmacology and Cancer Immunology
    • Development of immune modulators via chemical genetics
    • Development of novel tumor vaccines using nanometric versicles
  • Phone : +82 42-821-5922
  • E-mail :